I Love You, GoodBye (One Shot)

A/N: This is my first time to make a Richard and Maya’s fanfic! Happy Valentines Day!!! Happy nga ba?? 😄.. I’m not a proofread sorry sa mga grammar dyan, nahihilo na ako e 😅 basta intindihin niyo nalang.. Okay Inhale. Exhale. Here we go.

“Congrats sweetheart! I’m so proud of you” he kissed her on lips “Thank you din sweetheart hindi ko naman to maabot kung hindi dahil sayo, I love you” “i love you too, I’m always here for you” he kissed her on forehead.

“Always here for you”… The words that she can’t really live for it, how can she? If her love of her life has another priority. Being other woman was never been part of her dreams at all. She smiled sadly.

“Are you okay maya? What’s wrong? Ang tahimik mo ata, aren’t u happy? “Okay lang, wala yun may iniisip lang ako, pero happy ako” she touched richard’s shoulder. “Are you sure?” She nods “Okay if you say so”.

Maya Dela Rosa is now a Flight Stewardess she Achieved one of her dreams with the help of her Mabango, Chinito, And Loving Boyfriend Richard Lim. Richard on the other hand is a CEO/President of company LAS, a family man with 3 kids. He never never been happy of his marriage life since his wife was so busy on other stuffs related on her work. Until he found a beautiful and has bambi eyes woman named Maya who completed his dreams once again.

“Sweetheart…” Richard hugs maya on behind and kissed her nape. “I will do everything just to make you happy, What’s wrong? Tell me kanina kapa tahimik.” She turned and face richard “Wala masaya lang ako dahil hindi ko akalaing makamit ko pangarap ko isa kana dun sa rason”. “Everything has a reason Maya, and those are because you worked hard for it”. “Thank you Sweetheart” she touched Richard’s lingering neck and said “Mahal na mahal kita”. “No, I love you more so much”. They kissed into passionate one, they catched their breath and uttered in chorus “Always”. Halika na tulog na tayo or may gusto ka pang gagawin?” He winked and gave her naughty smile. “Ikaw talaga puro ka kalokohan”. Sabay tapik sa braso and laughter spread on their four walls.

She was about to sleep but she thinking about something “Mahal na mahal kita Richard kung pwede lang sana habang buhay kasama ka pero… Pero hindi pwedeng maging gan’to ako palagi na may kahati sa buhay mo”. She thought and fall asleep.


Early in the morning Richard looked the beautiful woman beside him “Mario is Red, Sonic is Blue. What good did i do to deserve this kind of view?” He thought. He caress maya’s face and kissed her nose “Good morning sweetheart” “Good morning din Sweetheart.” He kissed maya and she slowly opened her mouth to have his tongue inside. They were now kissing passionately while their tongues playing inside his mouth. He caress her shoulder down to her arms, She moaned in pleasure and she felt the hard manhood of Richard, he positioned himself properly beneath her until…. 

Richard’s phone was ringing “Whoa! Damn nice timing!” So he got up and answered the call, it was her wife Alex. Maya sighed and went to the bathroom.

Maya were just in the bathroom took a bath while her tears were falling down to her cheeks whenever Richard’s wife calling him. The pain in her heart crumpled like a pieces of paper.

“Maya? Sweetheart? Are you there?” He knocked the door and apparently she wiping her tears “O-oh sweetheart palabas na ako.” . “Sweetheart i need to go hinahanap na ako ng mga bata and this evening nga pala may event kaming pupuntahan.” She tried to speak normal “Hi-hindi kaba kakain muna?” “Hindi na doon nalang sa bahay hinihintay nila ako at pag-uwi ko may unfinished business pa tayong tatapusin.” He winked “Ikaw talaga kung Ano-ano ang pumapasok sa isip mo, Mag ingat ka sweetheart” she Chuckled “I love you”. “I love you too”…

Her phone was ringing, Capt. James Ventura the president of TA calling her to inform the event that will happen this evening at avaition. “Pupunta kaya si Richard?” She thought.

“Hello Maya” happily greeted her “Hi Sir James”. “Sir James na naman maya, diba sabi ko James lang pagtayong lang dalawa?”.” Ah ja-james, napatawag ka?”,”Well i just want to inform you na event ng LAS at TA mamayang gabi, Sinong makakasama mo? Yung ogag mo bang boyfriend?” Maya sighed “James wag mo nga siyang tawaging ganyan, May event daw silang pupuntahan diko alam kung sa LAS ba”.” Hmmm That’s great be my date Maya” He beamed “Ha? Date wala kabang kasama?”. James laugh “Hindi pa ba obvious? Kaya nga kita tinawagan e”.” Hala cge”. The call aborted.

James is her bestfriend slash her former suitor. James knows all about her relationship with Richard, being a good friend all he can do is to support her, What makes her happy.

When they arrived at the Event Maya saw Richard’s wife she’s wondering why she’s here, Richard didn’t mention that they would attend. (And apparently she forgot to ask what event 😂) Liza, Richard’s secretary approached them.

“Maya! You’re here” she smiled “Hi Liza” James Approached “Sir James buti nandito kayo, kayong dalawa na ba?” Parang kinikilig, James Chuckled “Muntikan na… Kaso hindi pinagpala eh” They Laughed “Tara pasok na tayo may mga bisita pa tayong aasikasuhin”.

Richard saw Maya with james intertwined their fingers together “Why is she with him?! Naka holding hands pa talaga” He thought.

James approached the couple “Akala ko ba ibang event ang pinuntahan maya? Well the show must go on” She nodded “Hi Richard and these beautiful woman infront of me Mrs. Lim” James kissed her cheek. “James hindi ka pa rin nagbabago bolero ka parin”. “Hindi ka pa din sanay” They both laughed except Maya and Richard “So you are with?” Alex asked.

“I’m with Maya Dela Rosa one of my Flight Attendant” he held her waist “Aren’t richard introduce her to you?” Almost “No, my husband didn’t talked about her” Richard spoke in Sweet Voice “You know How busy i am, Love”. BOOM! explode “Gago ka talaga Richard!” James thought and his hand turned into fist. “So James, is maya your Girlfriend?” Alex asked “No i mean not yet Mrs. Lim” he smiled and faced richard’s narrowed look. Maya interrupted “Excuse me” She went to the restroom.

She didn’t stop crying, she doesn’t know what she feels “Ang sakit pala! Ang sakit sakit!” She kept on crying until someone calling out her name “Maya…” So she went out and check who called her instead… It was Richard.

“Maya, are you okay? Did you cry? I’m sorry” he was about to hugged her when she kept her distamce between the two of them. “Excuse me Richard hinahanap ka na ng asawa mo”.” Maya Sweetheart please let’s talk”.” Uuwi na ako…” “Maya I’m sorry”.

She was about to go home with james, she didn’t stop crying “Tama na yang kakaiyak mo baka malunod tayo dito sa sasakyan dahil dyan sa mga luha mo” He joked. “James ‘wag muna ngayon”. “Okay i stop itulog muna nalang yan pagdating”. She was in her bedroom still crying and clinging to her pillow until she fall asleep.

She was awakened by the noise of her phone, Richard was keep on calling her but she didn’t answered those calls from him. It’s been 3 days since that day happened, she avoids richard and going to work with james, One Day she did not expect that he will go there.

“Richard, What brings you here?” James asked “James i want to talk to maya”. “She doesn’t want to talk to you.” Anger swelled again on Richard “Why is that? She is my Girlfriend!” His hand turned into fist. “KABIT to be exact! Don’t you think Richard hindi siya nasasaktan? You fucking hurt her!”

 Maya interrupted “James Lets go”. “Maya please lets talk i’m damnly begging you!” He held maya’s arm. “Umuna kana james, Susunod ako”. James agreed.

“Maya why are you avoiding me since that night? There’s nothing wrong happened naman diba??….. Maya please say anything”. Maya nodded and tears starting to fall down to her cheeks. No one spoke until Richard broke the silence…

“I need you”

“I needed you before” she leaned on her hand.

“Maayos pa natin to.” “Hindi na richard, Di ko na kaya ‘to ang sakit sakit”. She began to cry.

“What about our plans?”. “I have so many dreams Richard and having someone to share you with is not part of that anymore”. 

“Why would you have to share with someone, if there is a person who can love you whole heartedly? Why don’t you just tell me the real reason? Who is the real reason?”

“Walang What o Who Richard, kung my Who man ako yun dahil minahal kita ng buong-buo ng walang kahati!, nang walang kahati sa buhay mo!”. “Maya please? I love you don’t leave me” Unexpectedly Richard drip its tears down to his cheeks.

“I’m sorry Richard, Thank You for Everything” before she left she uttered the last 3 words “I Love You, Goodbye”.

Maya ran towards james and hugged tightly “Wala na kami james” she cried on hames shoulder. “Ssshhh, it’s okay. Hindi naman lang siya ang lalaki sa buong mundo, nandito pa naman ako oh” he chuckled “But seriously maya, Even it’s not him hope you find someone who will love you whole heartedly. Someone who can fight for you, someone who will stand by you Because you deserve that”.


Thank You ng Marami, pasensya na po talaga sa mga Grammar dyan. Ndi ako ung tipong nagchcheck ng grammar! 😄. 


Mano Po 7 : Chinoy

” A Good FATHER is a MAN who pours everything into being a DAD “.

Fathers are central to emotional well being of their children they are capable care takers and disciplinarians. He commits to responsibilities of loving, honouring and Cherishing and he commits secure to his family.


MANO PO 7 : CHINOY  Tackles family issues, relationship and present day scenario Filipino-Chinese families. The features are strong ensemble cast with acting that is strong that surely warms your heart and make you cry.


The Story

Wilson Wong Sr. (Richard Yap) the family’s patriach a chinese tycoon, he ropes of business as a child in his father. Wilson spends too much time making his real estate company grow. He neglects his family.

Debbie Wong played by Ms. Jean Garcia the submissive type whose passions are repressed by her place in the family.

And their young adult children SonSon and Carol played by Enchong Dee and Janella Salvador, wrestling with problems that are all too familiar, they’re also longing for the love of their father.

Seeks for the same thing to be loved the way they wanted and needed to be loved.


The Cast 

This Years installment was played by one of Chinito Hearttrob Mr. Richard Yap  who played the role of Wilson Wong. From my own perspective (Charot!😄) Richard Yap did it so well unbelievable act that i was never thought that he could do drama role up to date. He delivered the movie great and he NAILED IT ONCE MORE!!!

Jean Garcia one of the most Best Actress here in the Philippines, Shows her prowess and versatility. No words how can i express to Jean. She did it Great! The Best!. I love the way she acted on the movie make your heart tugged into million pieces! Her tears was real. Indeed! Kudos Ms. Jean! 

Enchong Dee he played the role perfectly well it will lead us to believe that we seeing him is what he really is in real life! 

Of course My Favorite! Marnella (Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador) giving a fresh air to all youthful feel to the movie! And Yeah little BCWMH’s feels is here!. The Great Come Back!!! 

And Sorry to say this but i despise Kean Cipriano here, well honestly he’s great actor but the role was given was not really fit to him.


It is a Reality 

When i watched the film i felt the betrayal and pain came back, What happens in Mano Po 7 it happens into my life. Seriously speaking i cried inside the theater while watching i know it was just spur of the moment. I’m also longing for the love of my father, He’s busy with other things i never felt the love and i never ever heard him saying he loves me nor he loves us. And direct to the point I miss the old him the one who provide time for us…

I belive in saying ” Money Can’t buy Happiness ” and it’s true.


The Movie is a real as it can get, that you can easily place and see it yourself. I personally found myself looking back in time. The struggle of my own family keep and related on it… And coming to understand the depth of their love for me ~ (Prince Mackaroo)

Last thing, i watched this movie not because Richard Yap is there but because this movie has lessons what all families need to embrace – FORGIVENESS-ACCEPTANCE-RESPECT AND LOVE!. (The Tagline is True)

I personally Congratulate Mano Po 7 and especially Richard Yap for the great Installment!!! The best Mano Po Ever!!. It’s a WRAP!


A/N: I encourage you all to watch it, sulit at may aral ka pang mapupulot! Till next time 😉



BCWMH ~ November 28 An Ending I Remembered

Gusto ko lang ishare sa inyo kung bakit Hindi ko talaga makalimutan ang November 28. I don’t really do such things like these but it makes me remember to my Grandma Who died 2 years ago. Yes, you’ve read it right 2 years ago. Hindi ko ginawa ‘to for just my Grandma but Pati rin sa BCWMH.

November 28 nag end ang BCWMH at yun ang first time na nakita ko yung Lola ‘kong umiyak. Umiyak dahil Hindi na niya makita si Maya At Ser Chief. 

Nung panahon na yun nasa hospital kami na admit yung lola ko dahil sa sakit na Leukemia. Kahit andun kami for 2 months and 1 week pinapanood pa rin namin ang BCWMH dahil ayaw niyang Mamiss ang episode kahit Hirap na hirap na siya.

Hindi ko napigilang umiyak nung nakita ko yung Lola ‘kong umiiyak, that was my first time that i saw her crying because of a Show that makes her Days Complete.

A few days since BCWMH ends, At bago namatay yung lola ko may sinabi siya sa akin ” Gusto ko pang Makita si Maya… At… Ser Chief ” sinabi ko sa lola ko ” Mama Tol, Diba sabi mo hihintayin pa natin na bumalik sina Maya At Ser Chief? At Magpapapicture tayo sakanila? “. At nung mga oras na iyon Hindi ko namalayan na Tumulo na ang mga Luha ko sa aking mga mata. 

Maraming SANA ang nasa isip ko, isa na dun yung, na Sana Napanood niya yung Bagong Movie nila Jodi at Richard at kasama ko siya habang pinapanood namin yun.

Yung Lola ‘kong May Crush kay Ser Chief, Yung Lola ‘kong minahal niya sina Maya at Ser Chief, Yung Lola ‘kong nagagalit kapag hindi siya nakakapanood ng BCWMH. At Yung Lola kong naging Inspiration at naging Rason kung bakit Hanggang Ngayon JoChard Fan pa rin ako, at hinding – hindi magbabago yun…

A/N: This coming December 8 My Grandma’s 2nd Death Anniversary… Spread the Love JoChards!!! ❤❤❤


Blind Love- One Shot Story


Philip, Carlo and Frank arrive at the school and they saw Amor and her friends near the door of their classroom.
Carlo: Hey bro! Amor The Obsess is here! Hahaha 
Philip: I don’t care. If I were her, I’ll stop that crazy feelings. 

Amor and her friends are talking and laughing, then..

Cherry: Oh my gee! Amor, Philip is looking over here. *actin’ exaggeratted* 
Amor: huh? where? 
Chinggay: stop that nonsense of yours. Let’s go get inside.
Amor: stop being kj,Chings. You’re too serious. And our teachers not yet here.
Chinggay: I don’t care. If you wanna stay there,okay. But me, I’ll get inside the room. What about you Cherry, don’t you wanna get inside?
Cherry: Oh okay. Oh and I remember I still have things to do.
Chinggay: So, let’s go. Leave her there.

So, off they went but Amor insist of staying near the door by herself. Still hoping that Philip will notice her. But later, Philip and his friends get inside and so Amor did.

Chinggay: I thought you don’t wanna get inside.
Amor: hmmp! I’m just waiting for Philip to get inside.
Chinggay: you’re so desperate. Can’t you see that he really don’t like you. He even gave Ashley a bouquet of flowers.
Amor: huh!? A what!? 😨
Cherry: she said a bouquet of flowers was given to Ashley by Philip. 
Chinggay: And?
Cherry: stop it, Chings. You’re already upsetting her.
Chinggay: It’s for her to wake up with her crazy dreams.

Then, Chinggay sit down because their teacher already arrive.

Teacher: Goodmorning,Class!
All: Goodmorning,Ma’am.
Teacher: today, all teachers will be having a meeting. So I’ll just leave an activity and this activity is diad. I’ll choose your partners.

Then their teacher told them the guidelines on making the activity then selects their partners.

Amor: For sure, it’s Philip and me. *feeling giddy* 
Cherry: stop it. We’re already in our class. *scolds her* 
Teacher: okay, so here it is. Cherry and Frank,Chinggay and Philip and lastly Carlo and Amor.
Amor: ohhh! Chinggay’s so lucky to be Philip’s partner.
Chinggay: what’s so lucky about that? Do you think he’ll help me? *Irritated* 
Cherry: for sure not. He even skips in class.
Teacher: okay,goodbye. Do your activity.
All: okay,ma’am.

*next day*

Teacher: pass your activity.
Cherry: are all your answers correct?
Chinggay: I think so.
Cherry: how about yours,Amor.

Amor is looking outside the window. Spacing out.Thinking All day long About Philip.

Chinggay: Amor? Still waiting? He’ll be absent today.
Amor: why are you so against us!? Do you like him as well?! *she raised her voice* 

Walks out.

Chinggay: what happened to her?
Cherry: don’t worry she’ll be alright she’s just upset.

Dismissal time Amor and Chinggay talks about what happened a while ago.

Amor: I’m sorry,Chings. I didn’t mean to say those things. 😥
Chinggay: It’s alright. I know you’re just upset. But why are you upset?
Amor: It’s nothing. I don’t really wanna talk about it. You can ask Cherry.

After their talk, Chinggay ask Cherry because she’s already worried about Amor.

Chinggay: Cherry, what happened to Amor? I ask her about this but she told me that she don’t wanna talk about it and ask you instead.
Cherry: Amor, bought a chocolate for Philip. It very upsetting because Philip didn’t show up yesterday.
Chinggay: ohh that’s just it? she’s already upset about that? 😕
Cherry: yes. You really don’t like Philip. Do you? 
Chinggay: No. because I’ve heard that he’s just playing with girls feelings. The one falling for him will be too pitiful. I don’t want our friend to be like that.
Cherry: I understand. But if that’s what she wants then it’s still up to her. That will be her decision.

Philip was absent for 3 days that’s why Amor’s not in the mood.

Chinggay: Amor, can I borrow your notes in English?
Amor: viberly borrowed my notes. *Saying in soft voice*
Chinggay: what? I can’t hear you. Your voice is too soft.
Amor: my notes were borrowed by Cherry. *Shouted*
Chinggay: ohh but can I borrow it after her?
Amor: okay.

Frank: Chinggay?
Chinggay: yes?
Frank: can you teach me how to solve this problem in math? 
Chinggay: I’m sorry but I’m not that good in math. 
Frank: ohh I see. Thanks anyway. 😀
Chinggay: okay.
Cherry: I think there’s something about Frank. 
Chinggay: about?
Cherry: I don’t know.

Meanwhile Carlo and Frank are talking about Chinggay.

Carlo: still not able to confess? 
Frank: that’s really unnecessary.
Carlo: What if graduation will come? You’ll just graduate not being able to tell her?
Frank: I don’t know.

Chinggay: where’s Amor? 
Cherry: maybe at the library.

But to their surprise they caught Amor and Philip talking at the door, Amor’s even giggling. Both of them walks towards them.

Amor: Hi guys! 
Cherry: Philip? You’re here? We thought you’re absent.
Philip: I don’t feel like attending class. well, see ya later, Amor ;).
Amor: okay. Bye 
Chinggay: What was that?
Amor: What? Hahaha sorry,girls. I’ll be going ahead. 

Lately, Amor’s not hanging out with them instead she’s with Philip all the time.

Chinggay: I thought Philip likes Ashley? Why is he with Amor?
Cherry: you should ask her.
Chinggay: why me?
Cherry: nothing. Just do it.
Chinggay: how about the two of us will ask her?
Cherry: Would be better.

Chinggay: Amor?
Amor: Yes?
Cherry: Wanna go out with us?
Amor: I’m sorry. But I already said yes to Philip. 
Philip: It’s okay. You should go out with them.
Amor: Is it okay with you?
Philip: Of course. See ya.

Philip left.

Chinggay: Why are you always with him? Are you already dating?
Amor: I don’t know but he always ask me to hang out.
Cherry: Yada. Yada. Yada. You’re already dating.
Amor: Silly, why are you asking? 
Cherry: Of course we are your friends. We are concern about you. Why didn’t you tell us about your relationship with him? 😕
Amor: I was about to tell you but I don’t wanna surprise you guys. 
Chinggay: It’s not that you don’t wanna surprise us. You just don’t want us to give you some advices and to tell you something about him. 
Amor: you’re always like this,Chings. I like him and there’s not a thing that you can do just to change my feelings for him. 👿
Cherry; We’re just concern about you,Amor. You know his reputation. He is a player. 
Chinggay: If you’ll follow your decision, then go. But remember, we did not lack of giving you some advices,

Chinggay and Cherry left.

It’s already dismissal time and school is already quiet because all of the students already went home. Chinggay and Amor is still not in good terms because of what happened.

Amor: Philip? Why are you still here? Aren’t you going home? Why are you drinking beer? That’s not allowed inside the school.
Philip: I don’t have a home. My parents lived far away. My friends left me. They all left me. I have no one. 
Amor: What happened? I notice about your friendship with Frank and Carlo.
Philip: They left me for no reason. How about you? I know you will also leave me. 
Amor: That’s not true. I’ll never leave you. 
Philip: iIf you’ll never leave me then come with me.
Amor: where?
Philip: just come.


Even though Chinggay and Cherry is not in a good terms they still search for Amor.

Frank: Hey Chinggay! You’re not yet going home? 
Chinggay: Where still looking for Amor? How about you?
Carlo: We are also looking for Philip. I know he has problems. He needs us.
Cherry: Maybe they are together.
Frank: Where could they possibly be?
Carlo: We’ve been calling his phone but it’s off.
Cherry: Also Amor’s.
Chinggay: Maybe they already went home.
Frank: Maybe we should better get going.
Carlo: come on. 

*Next Day*

Chinggay: Amor, we’re looking for you yesterday.
Chinggay: Where have you been?
Amor: I went to my cousin’s house. ,*i lied*
Chinggay: You didn’t even answer our calls. I know were not in good terms but you’re still our friend.
Amor: I know. I’m sorry. Really, I just went to my cousin’s house. You don’t need to worry.
Carlo: Yah! Amor, do you know where Philip is?
Amor: Huh? he’s not yet here?         Frank: no. that’s why we’re asking you. Do you know where he is?

Chinggay: She doesn’t know where he is.
Cherry: They are not together yesterday.
Carlo: Amor, are you sure?
Amor: Y-yes. Excuse me. I’ll just use the restroom.
Chinggay: I’ll go with you.

After they left, Frank and Carlo are talking about Amor and Philip.

Frank:  Do you think she’s telling us the truth? 
Carlo: I don’t think so. She can’t even look us directly to the eyes. 
Frank: What should we do? Philip is always absent. He wouldn’t even answer our messages. 
Carlo: What really happen to them? I think they are hiding something. 
Frank: They’ve been hanging out. Ugh! Philip is playing again. 
Carlo: and if Amor falls she’ll be pitiful.

*in the Restroom*

Chinggay: Are you okay,Amor? You look pale. 
Amor: I’m okay. I’m just tired.
Chinggay: Okay. Just tell us if you need something.
Amor: I just need to see Philip. 
Chinggay: Not again. For ones, stop thinking of him.
Amor: No. this time. This is important,Chings.
Chings: Okay. Okay. Maybe he’ll attend today. 

Frank: Amor’s looking pale today. 
Carlo: She really is hiding something.
Frank: If I were her she would spill that now. She can’t keep that forever. 

Chinggay: Amor, where’s your phone? Can I borrow?
Amor: I don’t know. 
Chinggay: Do you have Amor’s phone?
Cherry: Carlo picked Amor’s phone and borrow it..
Chinggay: Carlo what?
Cherry: Amor’s phone were picked by Carlo and he also borrow it.
Chinggay: So where is he?
Cherry: I don’t know. 

Frank and Carlo just arrive.

Chinggay: Hey! Give me Amor’s phone.
Carlo: here. 
Chinggay: Why did you have this?
Carlo: I borrowed that. 
Frank: by the way,Chinggay wanna walk home with me later?, 
Chinggay: Sure 🙂
Carlo: Wait, what did you just say? 
Frank: What? I’ll walk with her home later. What’s wrong with that? 

* Next Day *

Cherry: How’s with Frank yesterday? 😉
Chinggay: We talked about a lot of things. Including Philip. 
Cherry: You don’t really get it ,don’t you? 
Chinggay: Don’t get what?
Cherry: He likes you .
Chinggay: hahaha! Really funny . Just where did you get that thought?
Cherry: Carlo told me yesterday ;).
Chinggay: so, you were with Carlo yesterday ? 
Cherry: He was also going to buy something at the bookstore. That’s it.
Chinggay: Well, you two have chemistry. Hahahaha 
Cherry: Oh Yada Shut up!  stop teasing me. Why don’t you go and tell Frank that you also like him. 
Chinggay: What!? I don’t have a thing for him. Hahaha 

3 months later, Amor didn’t report in school so one day Amor decided to tell her friends that she is Pregnant. Amor Approached Them.

Amor : Guys? 
Chinggay: oh Amor. What’s with the face?
Amor: Guys, I’ve got something to tell you. 
Cherry: What? You’ve already decided what course to take? 
Chinggay: Graduation is fast approaching 
Amor: It’s not about that. 
Chinggay: Ohhh a serious matter. 
Cherry: What is it? 
Amor: It’s about the night that you were looking for me and Philip.
Chinggay: What is it? you lied to us?
Amor: something happened to us.:'(
Cherry: WHAT!?  That’s why you look pale. 

Amor: yes and..
Chinggay: You’re pregnant? He don’t even used a Protection? That dickhead!.

Amor nod and started to sob.

Chinggay: Why didn’t you tell us earlier?
Amor: I’m scared 
Cherry: if you’re scared why did you do it?
Chinggay: seems to me you are not scared.
Amor: I’m sorry.
Chinggay: what wil you do? Philip is already drop out.
Cherry: Who will provide you? And your child?
Amor: I need to do this by myself. I already realize not to be blind by love and think about the consequences. I now get your point,Chinggay. I know it’s too late because it already happened. Thanks for not leaving me,guys. and I will be wise and not to be blind by love.


Frank: Chinggay, wanna walk home together? 
Amor: go with him. Hahaha he’s a good person. 🙂
Cherry: I know you like him too. 
Chinggay: Yada Yada Yada Shut Up.

T H E E N D 🙂 😘

A/n: This is our Short Presentation for School 😁